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*Easter Edition*

The lash social UK 2020 worldwide online lash competition returns!


The Lash Social UK 2020 invites all lash artists from across the world to enter our fourth worldwide online lash competition….. 

Entry fee: £55.00 Per entry

Competition closing date: Sunday 29th March 2020 TIME: 12 Midnight (GMT)

Competition Winners announced live on our Facebook page Sunday 12th April 2020.

Awards and prizes will be given for 1st , 2nd and 3rd place in each category and will be sent worldwide!

Head Judge & Client Choice award also up for grabs


We have 4 Categories and 2 different ability levels


Classic  – Enter your best classic sets using between .10 and .18 thickness of lash  Beginner / Expert


Volume 3/4d – Enter your best volume sets using lashes between 0.05 and 0.07 thickness, in a 3d or 4d set, No pre made fans. Beginner / Expert

Mature Client 50+ - Enter your best set of classic or volume suitable for a mature model/client. This one is all about correct styling Beginner/Expert

Fantasy Theme –  Easter  (Above shoulder shots).  Beginner / Expert 



All entries must have been solely made for the lash social UK and cannot have been entered into any previous competitions.

Contestants can enter more than one category but only one entry per category.

Photos must be of high resolution.

Only 3 photos to be submitted per entry (this can include a collage but only 3 photos)

No water marks or logos on photos.

One photo HAS to be of both eyes open looking straight on at camera.

No team work.

No use of strip lashes. No Pre-made fans

No entries sent in after the deadline will be accepted and any paid entry fees will be lost if late entries are submitted.

Entry fees are non-refundable.

Do not post your entry photos on ANY social media pages before the winners have been announced. Any found to be posted will be disqualified.

No editing.

It is the contestants responsibility to notify us of which level they wish to enter, expert or beginner according to their qualifications and certificates. If you do not state in your entry email we will go by the certificate date. If found that you have entered the wrong category you will be disqualified. 

The judges say is final.


Fantasy added rules:

Theme is ‘Easter'

No team work. All work, photography & make up must be done by the Lash artist alone. NO EDITING

Only above shoulder shots are to be accepted (shoulders up) NO FULL BODY SHOTS.

Only 3 photos to be submitted (this can include a collage).


Beginner – You have been lashing LESS than 3 years from your first ever Classic lash qualification. And are NOT an educator


 Please note ALL lash educators regardless of the experience are to go into experts category.


Expert- You have been lashing MORE than 3 years since your first ever Classic lash qualification or are an educator.


How to enter:

Pay the entry Fee of £55.00

Once fees have been paid send your entry to

Include in your email:

  • Your full name

  • The category and level you are entering

  • Your social media tags

  • Full address and phone number

  • A photo of your first ever classic lash qualification.


  • The 3x photos of your work

The judges will be announced on our social media pages




Criteria for judging:

Classic : Total points available 100: Overall Look 20, Lash styling 10, Coverage 10, Length used 10, Lash thickness 10, Direction 10, Inners/Outers 10, Symmetry 10, Clean work 10.

Volume : Total points available 100: Overall look 10, Distance from lid 10, lash styling 10, coverage 10, length 10, fan uniformity 10, direction 10, symmetry 10, clean work 10, Inners/Outers 10.

Fantasy: Total points available 100: Overall look 15, Lash styling 15, Creativity 15, Theme 15, Make up 10, Lash adornments 10, Hair styling / head piece 10, originality 10.

Mature Client 50+: Total points available 100: Overall Look 20, Lash styling 10, Coverage 10, Length used 10, Lash thickness 10, Direction 10, Inners/Outers 10, Symmetry 10, Clean work 10.

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